How to handle it?

Dagmar asked about how I would treat new contributions to this site. I never knew before, I even don't know what Ola did when he encountered different versions from different people.

This is what I'll do:

If you think I could do something better - which goes for this very page as well -, do not hesistate to drop me a line: Bernhard Beutler, web$(a) na$lo go ($dot) com. Remove the space and $ signs. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm receiving 700+ spam mails a day.

How to contribute your work

You may send in any text file but you'd do me a big favour by sending in files in HTML format, formatting the transcription part as preformatted (HTML tags <PRE> and </PRE>) while using headings and the usual HTML stuff where they apply. This makes sure the pages look as you wish them to, and minimizes errors.

If you send in any other text file, I'll do the file conversion for you and, when it's done and uploaded, I'll ask you via email to check if everything's alright. You know that with any conversion, errors easily occur. Please make sure, thus, that your email/internet accounts are still open a couple of days after you sent me something. Conversion and uploading may tke a while by and then.


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