Chord transcription by Jose Javier Glaria <>, 1/9/97. Comments and corrections welcome, though fast response not promised.

Notation: Modifications to the nominal chord by indication of the string (1 is high E) and fret. Examples: E(3-0) would be Em. Em(2-3) would be Em7.

This song is simple, beautiful and quite easy to play and sing: a good result/effort ratio.

Afterwards  (The Aerosol Grey Machine)

D D(1-3) D D(1-0) D D(1-3) D D(1-0) C G D D(1-3) D D(1-0) D

D(1-3)    D   D(1-0) D  D(1-3)   D  D(1-0) C     G         D D(1-3) D D(1-0) D
You stare out           in   yellow eyes   larger than my mind;

[same as previous verse]
in viscous pools of joy, relaxing, we glide...

Am     C       D D(1-3) D D(1-0)
  it's all too   beautiful

for my mind to bear.

D            Am    C      G                  D  D(1-3) D D(1-0) D
and, as we shimmer into sleep, something's un_shared.

[Rest of song is as before]

But, seeing the flower that was there yesterday,
a tear forms just behind the soft peace of your shades...
The world's too lonely
for a message to slip
but between the dying rails of peace
you trip.

The petals that were blooming
are just paper in your hand;
your eyes, which were clear in the night,
are opaque as you stand...
It was too beautiful
for it to last...
These visions shimmer and fade out of
the glass.